Città Mosca
Nazione Russia
Data 18/21 settembre 2018
Location All-Russian Exhibition Centre
Periodicità Semestrale
Edizione numero 51
Prossima edizione marzo 2019

- Corsetry: bras, corsets, bodies, knitted underwear: pants, sport shirts, t-shorts, blouses, sports underwear, bathing suits, beachwear, accessories, nightclothes: sleep wear, pyjamas, peignoirs, night gowns, shaping lingerie, componentry for underwear production, tights.

- International salon of knitwear.

- Goods for pregnant women, clothes for newborn babies, clothes for children, clothes for teenagers, children’s knitwear, children’s footwear, games, toys for children, hygienic and babycare articles, accessories.

Settore merceologico Moda
Ente organizzatore Textilexpo JSC
Espositori ultima edizione 2.300
Visitatori ultima edizione 30.000
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